Jamaica NY (The Ultimate 2023) Neighborhood Guide

Jamaica NY has been declared the hottest neighborhood in Queens by Street Easy, and after taking a much closer look, we may just be forced to agree with it. This Diverse Neighborhood continues to evolve from only being known as a passway to JFK into an influential and trending spot. There are lots to do, including shopping, sightseeing, and plenty of top attractions that many, including the locals, are not aware of.

Here is the deal:

We have created a Go to Guidebook, which includes all the things to do and cool stuff you can only find in this neighborhood.

Getting Here

There are plenty of routes to arrive in Jamaica due to it being one of the business transportation centers. Visitors will have the E, J, and Z trains available and the Long Island Railroad, making going to Manhattan a 15-30 minutes ride. There are many local bus routes, and most transportation will leave you on Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue.


Time and time again studies have shown that spending time outdoor makes you healthier and happier.

But here is the Kicker;

Being outdoors will also make you smarter and less stressed.
So get yourself ready and go to one of the nearest listed parks in Jamaica NY.

  • Baisley Park – Paved paths, basketball courts, playgrounds, and tennis, are just some of the many amenities surrounding the pond, including fishing.
  • Roy Wilkins Park – It’s a multi-purpose park with an indoor pool; handball, basketball courts, tennis, and fitness center; a community center with events and activities.


We love museums, and we believe that museums (art galleries) are one of the best places to spend time with as a couple or as a family. Museums are known to encourage great unexpected conversations—a wonderful place to explore and learn.

  • King Manor Museum: From the Constitution to the Civil War, a walk through the house helps you to experience a different period, providing insight into the life of the 19th century through archaeology as well as a closer look at the anti-slavery work for which the King family is known. For those who simply can’t get enough information, as well as those wanting to learn more about the history of the abolition movement, The King Manor Museum is a prime attraction.
  • Mini Museum – TWA has partnered with the New-York Historical Society to give you a time-travel Mini Museum Exhibit dedicated to the Jet Age. There is a beautiful display of vintage Uniforms, some designed by famous fashion designers like Valentino and Ralph Lauren. There is also memorabilia and in-flight amenities display.

Enjoy a Show

Life is magical, but sometimes we lose sight of this.
We encourage you to take advantage of the many performance and shows taking place in this neighborhood.

  • Jamaica Performing Arts Center (JPAC) – It has become a venue for artists and performers from local, regional, and national regions. For intimate concerts and other performances, JPAC is destined to become one of the premier destination spots in NYC.
  • York College Performing Art Center – known for hosting multi-cultural art series featuring artists of national and international renown. To deepen the cultural profile, their mission is to bring exceptional, affordable activities to the Jamaica Queens culture.
  • The African Poetry Theatre – Bringing culture and the arts since the 1970s, the Afrikan Poetry Theatre offers musical showcases, fashion shows, entertainment (such as films, karaoke, comedy, and open mic nights), youth programs and workshops, art exhibitions.

Things To Do

One of the huge benefits of living in Jamaica is that there is countless things to do, and the more things you do, you will find yourself falling in love with the neighborhood. We have listed some of the top things to do with your family, friends or even if you want some me-time. Choose something and go out and have some fun.

  • Jamaica Multiplex – If you are in the mood to escape from your real life for a few hours and enjoy something different, then catching a movie might be what you may be looking for. This Movie theater is very comfortable, and it has multiple digital screens, stadium seating & expanded concessions.


If you enjoy bargain shopping, finding the perfect pair of jeans, or loading up the cart with fresh fruits and groceries, we have listed why Jamaica is all about giving you what you want.

  • Farmers Market – This Jamaica farmers market is your one-stop-shop for fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, plants, eggs, and multi-grain bread.
    • Friday from 8am to 4pm. Parsons Blvd between Jamaica Ave & Archer Ave
    • Saturday from 8am to 4pm. 90-40 160th St between Jamaica Ave & 90th Ave
  • Jamaica Avenue -More than 75 outlets occupy the gap between Jamaica and 89th Avenues on 165th Street in Queens. Clothing outlets, footwear destinations, eye-wear stores, jewelers, salons, gift shops, restaurants, and a food court offer this pedestrian-friendly shopping destination.

Jamaica NY Guide


With so many landmarks and worthy sightseeing spots, we encourage all to spend some time discovering, learning, and educating yourself on the history of Jamaica NY. With so much history to explore, please get your sneakers, grab your MetroCard, and pack a small snack because you might just not want to stop exploring.
Here are the sightseeing spots in Jamaica Queens.

  • Sidewalk Clock – in Union Hall St. was designated a New York City landmark in 1981. With a cast-iron paneled frame, fluted column post, and a magnificent acroteria motif crowning the clock face, it is double-faced.
  • Valencia Theatre – Designed by John Eberson and constructed in 1929, the Valencia was one of the several atmospheric “Wonder Theatres” built across the country. The interior, with its star-lit ceiling, pools, niches, and exotic decoration, creates the impression of a stunning Spanish plaza. The Theatre is now the Tabernacle of Prayer.
  • Prospect Cemetery – is the oldest cemetery in Queens County and served as the burial ground for many prominent families living in Jamaica. The Chapel was recently renovated and dedicated to Illinois Jacquet, a world-famous jazz musician.

Places To Eat

Now its time to explore the best restaurants and food that Jamaica has to offer.  With so much diversity there is way to many delicious options to choose from.  Here are some of the top places that won’t let you down.

  • Margherita Pizza – You’re suddenly in pizza heaven as you walk up to the long counter devoid of stools and ask for a slice. They come hot, they come fast, and every time, you’re guaranteed a $2.75 cheese pull. The cheese is twice as big as the crust.
  • Beijing Dumpling House – While everyone else in Queen’s head to China Town in Flushing, locals in Jamaica enjoy their Beijing Dumpling House dumpling fix. Here, before being steamed or fried to your taste, tomatoes, pork, and shrimp dumplings are made fresh in front of you.
  • O Lavrador – has been the local pick for Spanish and Portuguese plates for nearly 40 years. The paella with scallops, lobster, mussels, and homemade flambéed sausage, and Portuguese chicken churrasco are some of the authentic Iberian bites here.
  • Halalbee’s – serves up gourmet burgers made with grass-fed, organic beef. They also serve delicious chicken sandwiches. Add one of their Milkshakes, and you will have just about the perfect meal.

So that’s my ultimate guide to Jamaica Queens. What do you think about the guide? Did I miss a location?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Feel free to post your favorite spots to go to.