Best Indian Restaurants in Queens (updated 2023)

Looking for the Best Indian Restaurants in Queens, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the restaurants that serve the most flavorful, spicy, and delicious Indian cuisine dishes. Most queens local know that there are no shortage of high-quality Indian Restaurants,

But here is the deal,

Most locals think that you can only find great Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights. We decided to put this exclusive list of all of the most high-quality Indian Restaurant in Queens. So whether you are looking to try Indian food for the first time or you are simply craving Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Rogan josh. This list will get you to the right spot.

Ganesh Temple Canteen

best Indian restaurants in Flushing

Ganesh Temple Canteen – has been around since the 1970s and it’s known for being one of the best Indian restaurants in Flushing NY. Although it looks like this temple is just dedicated to religious practice, when you go to the basement, you will find a restaurant that serves over 100 traditional vegetarian Indian dishes.

Indian Taj

Best Indian Restaurant in Jackson Heights Queens

Indian Taj – is an Indian Restaurant known for having an inexpensive all-you-can-eat buffet available for lunch and dinner. They have about 15 selections that change daily. Tandori Chicken continues to be a favorite among the locals.

Jackson Diner

best Indian Restaurants in Jackson Heights

Jackson Diner serves authentic Indian Food but is updated with an American style. It’s not as spicy as traditional Indian food, so it’s easier for someone trying out Indian food for the first time. They have a lunch buffet, and one of their most popular dishes is Tandori chicken. Jackson Diner is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Jackson Heights.

Adda Indian Canteen

Best Indian Restaurant in Long Island City

Adda Indian Canteen serves authentic Indian food with a home cook feel to it. Some of their Top dishes include Junglee Maas which is goat curry, and Tandori Skate. There are also some dishes you won’t find anywhere else in New York, including Bheja fry, which is the brain of a goat cooked in a spicy masala and Dahi Batata Puri is a stuffed potato with yogurt and chutney. Adda is considered one of the Best Restaurants in Queens NY

Paratha Wala

Best Indian Restaurant in Forest Hills NY

Paratha Wala– has the most favorable reviews on yelp. Some of the highlighted dishes are lamb paratha roll, chicken tikka bowl, and butter chicken. If you are looking for outstanding Indian food with excellent service, this should be the place to go. Known as one of the best Forest Hills Restaurants.


Best Indian Restaurant in Astoria NY

Seva serves authentic Indian cuisine in Astoria, with an emphasis on northern-region influenced dishes. The menu includes all the classics, from lamb curry to tikka masala, as well as more inventive new plates like homestyle chicken, squash, and curry cabbage.

Taste of Cochin

Best Indian Restaurant in Bellerose NY

Taste of Cochin is one of the few Indian restaurants that serves beef curries. Fish moillee, Malabar paratha, goat masala, beef ularthiyathu, and aviyal, a vegetarian delight of long beans in coconut milk and chayote are among the menu’s highlights.

Ayna Agra

Best Indian Restaurant in Bayside Queens

The cuisine pays homage to India’s traditional cuisine while still incorporating modern dishes. Besides that, the restaurant is very vegetarian-friendly, as shown by the fact that a section of the menu is devoted to vegetarian meals. Ayna Agra is known to be one of the best Indian Restaurants in Bayside.

Dosa Hutt

Best Indian Restaurant in Bayside NY

Dosa Hutt is a basic, no-frills, and very affordable Indian restaurant that specializes in the Asian country’s southern cuisine.
Uttapams and traditional dosas are available, as well as an extensive menu of other tasty Indian dishes.

Tikka Indian Grill

Best Indian Restaurant in Kew Gardens Queens

Tikka Indian Grill guarantees that they use nothing but the best and freshest ingredients for their Indian specialties. Besides their food being delicious, they serve it in a wonder very Instagram presentation.

So that’s our list of the best Indian Restaurants in Queens!
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